RFID Visitors Solution / Access Control

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. Some tags require no battery and are powered and read at short ranges via magnetic fields

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Workflow Analogy


Benefits of this Solution

  • Enable Organisation to keep track of visitors/staff, from point of entry through till exit.
  • Provides restricted access (for visitors/staff) to specified area/department
  • Protects confidential/private areas/information of the organisation from the public
  • Ability to include reports such as (Average duration of visits, average time spent on desk, average time spent attending to visitors, attendance, time spent on launch, other future analytics) into the HR Application of the organisation, for performance appraisals and so on
  • Exit Management Strategy for HR
  • Security and Forensics purposes
  • Protects the Organisation Assets from theft
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