GETS (General Electronic Tests and Surveys) is a secure, easy to use and customisable electronic testing platform for educational institutions, training out fits and corporate organisations. Test administration is seamless and grading is instant, saving hours of paper work.

It is not news that traditional paper tests or examinations pose a wide range of challenges to educational establishments. Challenges range from examiner fatigue, and human errors to loss of answer scripts and candidate verification issues.

All in all, traditional paper testing is a burden to the institution, lecturers and students alike.

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Smarter Testing in 3 Simple Steps

Create Test

Setup questions and tests
Define availability and timing
Define grading parameters

Administer Test

Easily administer tests
Candidate Verification with biometric devices
Printed scripts not needed

Grade, View/Analyze Results

Instant grading & Downloadable Results
Graphical Analytics
Issue Certificates & Manage transcripts