Biometric Mobile POS

Fingapay is a simple way to pay deploying the use of BIOMETRIC Features
already captured and available through the Bank Verification Number (BVN)
exercise. Fingapay will Identify, Validate and authenticate with available data from NIBBS.

Fingapay does not require acquisition of extra specialized devices, it works perfectly with smart mobile phones with a simple biometric peripheral addon. This makes onboarding process smooth and easy for interested merchants.

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Cards Can Fail,
Your Finger Wont


Security features include in-built KYC, Geofencing and covert snapshots. Fingarpay protects against card theft and POS carrying robbers


Time is everything. Fingarpay’s reduced turn-around time saves your time. Transactions are as fast as you can place your finger on device


Instant onboarding and optional finger-to-account matching for personalized experience. Merchants can use of existing mobile phones for collections.