AIMS enables organisations to closely monitor and maintain tangible and intangible assets with the provision of an entrenched friendly Asset Management Portal in a holistic system

With AIMS, the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets becomes very cost-effective.

Our applications are built to a “Best Practices” standard, but on an architecture that can be customized quickly and affordably. You can incorporate your policies, procedures and unique data elements right into the software. Whether you’re supplementing an existing system or creating a comprehensive, integrated solution, our modular approach lets you include what you need to get the job done. This means you now work smarter, maximizing your efficiency and quality of data.

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Features and Modules


– Initiate requisition
– Decentralized requisition for asset
– Search and locate desired asset
– Approve requisition


– Initiate purchase request
– Review purchase
– Setup approval process
– Set approval limit
– Approve purchase

Vendor Management

– Manage Vendors
– Expense Approval
– Quotation Review
– Payment Approval
– Staff Purchases

Store Management

– Delivery
– Store Records
– Allocation & Re-allocation
– Disposal
– Asset Register


– Initiator
– Select Assignee
– Approval
– Acknowledge Receipt
– Issue Cover Letter

Verification & Audit

– Initiate Audit
– Use PDA scanners to verify assets, since Tags placed on assets have embedded chips for easy tracking.
– Asset Status.