A1School: Result Processing Made Easy

5 Oct 2016

Several parents especially across Africa have had to haplessly endure our schools’ term-end torture over and over. At the end of each term, a parent expects to pick up the child along with the child’s results for the period. This unfortunately hasn’t been seamless in most cases as some parents get delayed for hours because the result sheet for their child isn’t ready. There have been cases where parents / guardians get this delayed, and in the end, the result sheet doesn’t get ready or they are given result sheets with some incomplete or incorrect data.

The fault isn’t entirely the schools’ or even that of the teachers. Grading and results processing have been proven to be one of the most daunting and error prone routine tasks performed by educators. Most teachers are overwhelmed by teaching several subjects and having to manually grade quizzes and exams for many students. They also have to manually compute attendance records that go with the student report sheets along with ranking of student performances to determine prize winners at the end of the term. In order to meetup on their deliverables, very many of them work well beyond normal work hours still with minimal results.

This nightmare will however is fast becoming a thing of the past, with the dawning of the A1School software and tools. A1School is a school software that not only enhances your process but also guarantees satisfaction of all stakeholders. This is achieved by taking all the hassles and bottlenecks out of school processes and providing a lean and highly effective school system.

The A1School results management module enables easy grading and collation of results. And parents can decide to access their wards’ results through several means including email, the mobile app or on the school portal using PCs or tablets.

The A1School success story is currently being sung by the various teachers, schools, parents and other stakeholders who have embraced this ease. Foremost of these is Redeemers’ Nursery and Primary School, Festac, Lagos; whose results for the just concluded mid-term are now available online to authenticated parents powered by the A1School platform.

What are you waiting for? Enlist your school in this positive innovation: Contact us today.

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